Loch Lomond Ted 1st

D.O.B 24/02/2007
Bred by Brian and Ann Thomson. Used on loan for 2 seasons. A bull with tremendous volume. Trait leader for 400 day weight. Recently sent to Silver Ferns Farms processing and had a carcass weight of 808kg a record for that plant. Very good temperament, feet and leg structure. Good EMA. No calving problems.

Kildare Cadman C8 IMP Australia

D.O.B 05/06/2007
Bred by Rick and Sue McDouall in New South Wales. I brought the semen from this bull at the charity auction at the Australian Word Tour AGM in 2011 and I thought that Dar Giess from the US could afford to pay a bit more for it. Turns out I was wrong. Lucky for me fortune favours the brave?! Albeit on a small number of progeny he is the best carcass scanning bull I have used so far with positive figures in all categories which is rare indeed. Going forward this has the makings of a very worthwhile and valuable blood line.

Okaharau Magical B39

D.O.B 13/09/2006
Brought from Ross and Corrine Kearny in 2008. Medium frame with outstanding thickness and soft full fleshing. He has left easy calving early maturing progeny. His EMA is down a little but is currently 1st equal for IMF on the NZ red South Devon Sire list. He is an excellent example of why we should have herd tours as I would never have known about him otherwise.

Westhams Poseidon 09012

D.O.B 18/09/2009
Brought from Stuart and Gail Bradley in 2011. An AI son of Lincoln Poseidon.  Good early growth and EMA with particularly good IMF.

Wainuka Sexton 1266

D.O.B 06/09/2012
Son of Westhams Poseidon. Used for one season. A thick deep bodied bull with good growth. Thought he was “the one”. Good EMA but disappointing IMF. Gone!
Scan: WGHT 622kg  EMA 102cm  IMF 2.4  EMA 102cm  RIB 3mm

Wainuka 0947

D.O.B 04/10/2009
Strong gutsy bull with good growth and milk. No scan data