Wainuka Last Stand 13044

D.O.B 17/09/2013
Last Stand is a very complete sire. He has low birth combined with good growth and medium milk. His scanning numbers are outstanding, taken after he had been used over cows as a yearling. He possesses a good temperament and walks on a good set of feet and legs. We are very much looking forward to his second lot of calves in 2016.
Scan: WGHT 595kg  EMA 101cm RIB 3mm IMF 6.8

Ipurua Hermes 1167

D.O.B 14/11/2011

Brought from Peter and Caroline Foss who farm in the King Country under commercial conditions very similar to ours. A modern style easy calving early maturing sire brought because of his outstanding carcass data at a low body weight. We have scanned his first crop of calves with very pleasing results and he is now a proven sire. A very smart line of daughters are calving in the 2016 spring.
Scan: wght 502kg EMA 114cm RIB 3mm  IMF 4.2

Wainuka Stand Up 1238

D.O.B 10/09/2012

A son of Westhams Standout 17 . Brian Thomson and I were very fortunate to be able to buy Standout 17 second hand from Kevin McConnell, Matai South Devon’s, after we had initially missed out on buying him as a two year old. I consider Standout 17 to be a “game changing” bull at Wainuka with his below breed average birth weight and above average 600day weight. He had a soft, deep, thick fully fleshed body with positive EBV’s for EMA and IMF. Unfortunately we only got two seasons out of him before he died on Xmas day 2011 (not the best present I received that year).Luckily I have had 5 sons and two seasons worth of daughters to carry on his legacy with. His son Wainuka Stand Up 1238 comes from a long line of prolific Dams. Bomb proof temperament. Good growth combined with calving ease. Good carcass particularly IMF. Used by Brian Thomson at Loch Lomond as a yearling and recently sold to John Holt at Woodah. Calves on the ground at Wainuka in 2015 showing good size with plenty of soft fleshing.

Scan: wght 706kg EMA 99cm RIB 3mm IMF 5.8

Loch Lomond Sam

D.O.B 23/07/2010
Sold at Beef Expo to Gavin and Merryn Osborne Mount Munro Stud in 2012. I brought him when they deregistered their herd in 2014. Sam is a very impressive bull with volume and muscle. He has good feet and an excellent temperament. Calves on the ground in 2015
Scan: WGHT 730kg  EMA 107cm  RIB 2mm  IMF not scanned

Gum Hill Red 530 IMP AUS

D.O.B  17/03/2009
Bred by Glan and Daphne Lines South Australia
I imported the semen from this bull from Australia because it was virtually a “closed herd” and had a very strong commercial background. Heifers are calved at Gum Hill as 2yr olds unassisted and unobserved on very dry country .Gum Hill Red is a proven heifers bull with homozygous polling , good temperament and should give positive fats. Calves on the ground in 2015 and 2016. Looking forward to scanning them.

Okaharau Harry E20

D.O.B  27/08/2009
A son of Burtergill Harry 3, “the world’s highest growth rate South Devon”. I was part of the under bidding syndicate when he sold for an Australasian record price of $42 000 at Beef Expo in 2007 after having impressed on the South Devon Bull unit that year. Also missed out on another couple of sons so I was” rapped” when I got the opportunity to buy Harry E20 from the Allan’s when they dispersed their herd in 2013. Patience is a virtue so they say.  Calves on the ground in 2015 and 2016. A stylish bull with excellent temperament, feet and legs.  Used mostly over smaller cows he will add frame and milk to the herd as well as potentially very good IMF (a rising 3yr daughter scanned an IMF of 8 which is as high as you can get)